DreamWave Classic Massage Chair-BROWN


DreamWave Classic Massage Chair-BROWN

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A 3-year Limited Repair Or Replacement Warranty comes with Teletron's DreamWave Massage Chairs. Check out DreamWave's Extended Warranty. This adds 2 years to your Warranty, totaling up to a 5 Year Warranty for Limited Repair or Replacement with On-Site Service! You can add an DreamWave Massage Chair Extended Warranty by selecting the option below. MANY COLORS AVAILABLE.

FREE White Glove Delivery* on DreamWave Massage Chairs!

The DreamWave massage chair is the best intelligent robotic massage chair on the market.

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FREE White Glove Delivery* on DreamWave Massage Chairs! 

Through the collaboration of massage masters and engineers this masterpiece of rejuvenation was born.

This masterpiece of intelligent robotic massage was created through a collaboration of Japanese Shiatsu masters, skilled engineers and scientists, and world famous Japanese furniture & product designer Toshiyuki Kita. The result is a work of art that offers the closest thing you can get to real therapeutic massage. Save money over time by investing in your health. If you do the math, DreamWave massage chairs pay for themselves over time.


This is full body massage that improves chronic pain conditions and even posture—realigning your spine to it's optimum natural S-Curve. Various programs bring you both stretching and massage, optimized for different times of the day, when you need either energy or pure relaxation. Feet, legs, lower back, hips, shoulders, neck and arms are supported and nourished with shiatsu techniques, air cells, and optional warming features.


One of our favorite aspects of this amazing product is the way it senses your body type. This is a truly intelligent chair. Your body is scanned and matched with researched body types to give you a personalized massage session that accesses your uniquely placed Shiatsu points.




Full Body Massage Coverage

This massage chair covers over 1,200 square inches of your body. That's more than any massage recliner in the world. Massage legs, lower back, hips, arms, shoulders, and neck.


DreamWave's Proprietary Technology

Engineering mimics natural massage here when flowing figure-8 motions offer an almost human touch.


Shoulder Massage Unit 

Neck and shoulders are accessed with a gentle tracking. Even the top of the shoulders and neck are reached.


Full Arm Shiatsu 

Air cells support your arms and actually sense your arm size. They then create a chorus of perfectly timed alternating movements that give the sensation of a supporting wave of healing pressure from shoulder to finger tip! 


Proprietary Hip and Thigh Massage

Deep and soothing pressure to relieve tightness of these large muscles…also delivers a great massage of the “I.T” band.


Proprietary and Most Capable and Complete Stretch Function You’ll Find

Offers extension and flexion and gentle rotational stretching of the shoulders, mid-back and hips.


Youth Optimized Massage

A kinder, gentler massage for young people under 14 years of age.


Optical Shiatsu Point Sensor

Cutting-edge Optical Sensors scan your body for the exact location of your Shiatsu points. Eastern and Western medicine have long known about the existsnce of energy channels that corespond to glands and nerver location. Shiatsu targets these points for the perfect massage. Relax in the chair while it scans and compares your body type to that of 106 researched and stored profiles. The resulting massage is tailor made for you! 


Healthcare Programs 

Eight pre-programmed massage sequences optimized for specific health goals and needs can bring you the right massage for the right time. Morning and Night modes offer you energizing stimulation for the day ahead or relaxing stress release to send you to sleep.


World Class Furniture Design 

This contemporary piece is designer by Toshiyuki Kita, a world-renowned furniture & product designer. Kita has been featured in permanent collections of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, and Pinakothek der Modarne in Munich.

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