INADA Flex 3s™ Massage Chair BLACK


INADA Flex 3s™ Massage Chair BLACK

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INADA's Flex 3s is designed to enhance flexibility and mobility by facilitating both stretching and therapeutic massage.

It even improves posture. Posture is important for maintaining blood flow and energy flow and can have huge impacts on your well being—mental, emotional, and physical.

FREE White Glove Delivery* on Inada Massage Chairs!

3 YEAR WARRANTY comes with Inada Massage Chairs. 5 YEAR WARRANTY Available. Ask about FINANCING.


FREE White Glove Delivery* on Inada Massage Chairs!

TELETRON brings you the Inada Flex 3s massage chair—a revolution in home healing products. Experience pain relief with increased flexibility and mobility. Inada is world famous as the maker of the of The World’s Best Massage Chair™.

This electronic zerogravity massage chair was developed in collaboration with famous Japanese sports and stretching instuctor, Tadashi Kaneko. This is the only intelligent robotic massage recliner that combines traditional Japanese massage techniques like Shiatsu, cutting edge physical therapy modalities, and innovative engineering. You'll be surprised, as many are, how comparable Inada massage chairs are to real live massage from an expereinced bodyworker, chiropractor, or acupressurist.


Increased flexibility and mobilty are just the beginning. The Flex 3s can actually improve your posture, realigning your spine into its natural S-curve. The S-curve is essential to halthy posture and alignment during physical activities, spanning intense sports and mild excercise. Those aware of alternative medicine, holistic healing, and even new science that validates the mind-body connection, know that physical alignment translates into better health and elevated moods. With that in mind, give yourself the gift of truly feeling good.


Stretching and mobility are key, but that's not all the Flex 3s offers. It also helps to integrate and realign the S-curve of the spine. The S-curve is the body's natural alignment that helps support your posture and lets you excel in physical activities pain free—the way you were meant to be. The Flex 3s robotic massage chair also subtly works the core and excercises the diaphragm. It opens back and shoulder movements open up the lungs for deep breathing.


Enjoy 4 programmed massage sessions, or create infinite customized sessions to massage the lower back, neck, shoulders, legs, feet, and arms. This is truly full body massage. Pre-programmed sessions include: Full Body & Stretch, Stretch All, Full Body and Low Body.


Natural feeling air-cell compression of legs, feet, and arms cobine with the mobility and stretching functions for an amazing, almost weightless feeling, experience. Last but not least, this amazing massage recliner gives you the option of gently heating hands, fingers, feet and toes during your massage.


Inada chairs are an amazing investment in your health the quickly pay for themselves when compared to receiving massage, chiropractic, or acupressure care frequently over long periods. Of course, a real professional therapeutic touch is important and recommended. However, you can complement it with daily massage in the comfort of your own home from the The World’s Best Massage Chair™.

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