INADA Flex 3s™ Massage Chair BROWN


INADA Flex 3s™ Massage Chair BROWN

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Imported from Japan—INADA FLEX 3S offers one of the best massage recliners and zero gravity massage chairs on the market.

Inada offers Full Body Air Massage and Head to Toe Air Massage kneading. Enjoy the Shoulder Focus Program where gentle air compression focused on the collarbone relieves stiffness and improves posture. This electronic massage chair comes with Heat Options, warming fingers and toes in a pleasurable manner. Our Hybrid Massage Function combines Roller Massage with unique Air Massage. Control kneading strength through the Adjustable Air Cell on the Mechanical Arm 3-D Support Mechanism.

FREE White Glove Delivery* on Inada Massage Chairs!



FREE White Glove Delivery* on Inada Massage Chairs!

The new Flex 3s is a premium massage chair from Inada—makers of The World’s Best Massage Chair™—brought to you by TELETRON.

The Flex 3s massage chair is designed to focus on flexibility, bringing that quality out in the user. When you are flexible and mobile, life is just easier. In fact, flexibility and mobility are the key to many sports and active endeavors, as opposed to pure brute strength.

Bodyworkers and holistic therapists worldwide know that posture is essential for health and even mental stamina. In fact, posture and body alignment can even effect your emotions—the difference between have an okay day and a great day. The connection between body and mind was a major focus in the engineering of this world class massage chair. The Flex 3s was designed in consultaton with famous Japanese sports and fitness stretching trainer, Tadashi Keneko. We are confident that this massage chair is the only one in the world that combines powerful yet subtle stretching motion with Japanese massage traditions like Shiatsu. 


Backpain is a common complaint of our customers—before they experience Inada's intelligent electronic massage recliners.  

Lower back pain relief can come in many forms, from gentle excercise like swimming to dependance on painkillers. Many health care products on the market may, however, only cure the symptoms and not the root of pain. Massage from a professional massage therapist, bodyworker, chiropractor, or acupuncturist/acupressurist may be one of the best routes to healing. But it can be costly.

Inada massage chairs may seem like a significant investment, because they are. If you factor in the cost of seeing a health care practitioner of massage therapist near you over a long period, Teletron's Inada Massage Chairs pay for themselves within roughly 2 years. Of course we recommend the healing touch of a professional when needed. But for longterm maintenance and back pain relief Inada massage chairs are the way to go. They offer the best of both worlds, having been developed under the guidance of world reknowned bodyworkers. In fact, people who use Inada Massage Recliners say it feels like a human touch.


Smaller scale massage tools and other back pain relief devices may offer a lower price, but none offer the sophistication, engineering, and feeling of Inada.  This is full body massage.

Again, the Flex 3s is designed to heal pain, stiffness and poor posture. The Inada Flex 3s can also help to reinstate your spine's natural S-Curve. That's the natural alignment that has been proven to make everything work better in the body, from sports to everyday posture.

The Inada Flex 3s, available at Teletron, also helps to strengthen your core. The core is a series of abdominal muscles essential to supporting the back, hips, and consequently, the whole body. Wait, a massage chair that makes you excercise? Sounds counterintuitive, but this massage chair facilitates back and shoulder movements that actually excercise the diaphragm. 

The Inada Flex 3s offers 4 pre-programmed massage sessions: Full Body & Stretch, Stretch All, Full Body and Low Body. Like all advanced Inada zero gravity massage chairs, you can create custom massage sessions yourself with the pefect combination of stretching and massaging. Air-cell compression works the arms, legs and feet. You can even enjoy a subtle heating of your fingers and toes, if you choose. 

It's time you enjoyed massage,  in the comfort of your own home, any day, anytime. Ask about Teletron's financing programs for items like Inada Massage Chairs.


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