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About Us teletron


TELETRON TV & Appliance is the fastest growing Consumer Electronics store in the Asian-American Community.

We started out in California's Los Angeles and the O.C. (Orange County). But now we're rapidly expanding nationally, with locations in Dallas, Houston, Washington D.C., and many more.

Our bestselling products include INADA, "The World's Best Massage Chair", and hard to find Asian products like Kimchi Refrigerators.

As our name suggests, our mission is to provide cutting-edge Television, Appliance, Audio, Video, Health, Furniture and Technology products to you.

Store Opening History

Aug. 2008 Stanton Store Grand Opening
Nov. 2008 Grande Grove Distribution Center Grand Opening
Feb. 2009 Internet Home Shopping www.teletronusa.com - Website Lauch
Jul. 2010 Los Angeles Store Grand Opening
Dec. 2011 Houston, Texas Store Grand Opening
May. 2013 Arcadia Westfield Santa Anita Mall Store Grand Opening
Nov. 2013 Dallas, Texas Store Grand Opening
Nov. 2014 Westminster Asian Garden Mall Grand Opening
May. 2015 Washington DC Store Grand Opening
July. 2015 San Jose Store, Sun Garden Shopping Center Grand Opening
Nov. 2015 Monterey Park  CA Store Grand Opening
May. 2017 Chicago Grand Opening
June. 2017 Naperville Grand Opening
June. 2017 Seattle Grand Opening

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