Waterwel Shower Head ( MADE IN KOREA)
Waterwel Shower Head ( MADE IN KOREA)
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Collagen Ion Hair Dryer ( MADE IN JAPAN)

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Moisturizing collagen ion hair dryer CPN (Collagen, Platinum and Nano-sized mist)
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FEATURES - New idea "technology to not miss moisture" Using collagen and platinum, which are widely known as beauty ingredients, release nano-sized mist on the wind of a dryer. Moisture-retaining ingredients keep moisture in place. - Moisture of hair continues With a normal dryer, it dries to the moisture necessary for the hair during hair drying, and the drying progressed. A collagen ion hair dryer dries hair while leaving moisture, so the water content of hair changes so much. - Keep beautiful hair after coloring Collagen ion hair dryer prepares cuticles, which is effective for colored hair. Care for coloring and gray hair by continuing to use, and support beautiful hair color that does not fade easily. - Maintains a healthy scalp environment It balances excess sebum, which is said to be the cause of scalp trouble, and leads to a clear and healthy scalp. * 6 [Test method] After shampoo, the hair was air-dried and the scalp was clogged two weeks later. [Verification organization] This is a typical example of SOUKEN Co., Ltd. , a collagen ion hair dryer. ・ Effect varies according to ambient environment (season, humidity) and individual difference. - For strong hair that won't lose to UV rays Collagen ion hair dryer prepares cuticles and reduces damage to hair due to UV rays. * 7 The entire hair bundle is blown twice a day for 15 minutes twice a day. After the air blowing treatment, simulated sunlight was irradiated and the hair surface was observed using a scanning electron microscope. - Equipped with skin mode. Care for beautiful skin with dryer Daily hair dryer time, skin care time. Skin mode prevents dry skin. Keep your skin moist by continuing to use. It leads to beautiful shiny skin. Apply to your entire face for about a minute. - Voltage switch Because the voltage can be switched between AC100V-120V and AC200V-240V, it can be used in Japan and overseas.
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