SYNCA Corron - Premium Roll Up Massager

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SYNCA Corron - Premium Roll Up Massager
  1. 2nd Gen 3D Massage Robot

  2. Infrared Heat

  3. Unique Roll-up Design

  4. Natural Cotton-like Upholstery

  5. 2 Massage Techniques - Chinese and Thai

  6. Modern Design

  7. Easy to use Portable/Lightweight

  8. Looks just like a cushion when rolled up

  9. Soft

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You won’t even know that cushion on your couch is a massager when this soft cotton-like massager is all rolled up, no need to hide it, just leave it out for people to use as cushion. The unique roll-up soft blanket can be removed, rolled up to hide the massager, or used to secure the massage cushion in place. This cleaver design allows the massage cushion to deliver soothing massage to areas you normally need an expensive and bulky full-sized massage chair to take care of. The unique shape and materials allow it to target and effectively massage the neck, calves, and other difficult to reach places other massage cushions can’t. Its soft flexible design allows it to hug the curves of the body optimizing contact where other massagers are in a rigid fixed position. The unique blanket system uses friction created by the materials to hold the massager in place delivering targeted relief and preventing it from sliding around like other massagers. Don’t forget it’s therapeutic infrared heat which will loosen stiff muscles and stimulate blood flow while you relax and get your massage.

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